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10 Ways to Enjoy Weekend with Your Friends without Spending Much

Are you lucky enough to get to spend with your friends? Maybe you live alone and all of your friends come to spend weekend with you or the tiring workdays make you crave a little peaceful time with your buddies. Meeting your friends is one of the easiest and smartest ways to recharge and uplift the mood. People who can spend time with their buddies are the luckiest and there is no way you should take it for granted. 

If you have many friends and a night out plan with your friends then don’t let it go to waste. Instead you should be gathering ideas and collecting the right moments to make a lot of memories. Hence, we have gathered the 10 best ideas to enjoy time with your friends and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Movie marathon

Even a horror movie becomes funny with your friends but that is no reason to skip any genre. Movie time with friends is a great way to spend valuable hours while making countless memories. Watch reruns of "Stranger Things" on Netflix. Alternatively, watch “Pretty in Pink,” “The Breakfast Club,” and all of our other classic favorites during a '80s movie marathon. Don't have a Netflix account? Get a free trial for the marathon only! You can always unsubscribe later on.


Whether it’s a beach or a park. You always have a wonderful time with the right people. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple picnic and the countless memories you can make with it. This is a cheap way to have expensive fun. You can get cute ready, take pictures, wear hats and even pack a picnic basket. Make sandwiches, get some juice, cute salad boxes or anything you would love to have. Sit and chat under a nice tree or by the peaceful crashing sound of sea. 

Foreign Neighborhoods

So, why not take a trip to a new area with some friends or family on Saturday or Sunday? There will always be something new to uncover, even if you have lived in the same village or city for a long period. There are still surprises for natives and long-term inhabitants to discover in big cities, which provide so many sights and secret corners.


If you live in the country, you can ride your bike to explore what's beyond the fields and forests. It's great to bring some food ahead of time so you can have a picnic with your pals outside. Your own hometown has plenty of wonderful places to spend the weekend – so you spend it with nice people in lovely settings – with little effort and at almost no cost.

Swimming or Boating

Swimming is a healthy activity on its own and when done with friends you can add fun to it. However if you are scared of waters or don’t want to get in for any reason then a boat tour is a good idea. Plus they don’t cost that much too. 

So, how about a little ride on a canyon? Have you never heard of it before? 

You'll trek down steep gorges into rivers and waterfalls with the help of a guide on this outdoor adventure – perfect for adrenaline enthusiasts searching for ways to avoid boredom. A tour on a boat, for example, would be a more relaxing Sunday boating activity where you can enjoy the serenity while also seeing nature.

Flea Market

There is nothing more fun than shopping with your best friends. And even if you seriously need to buy something then two heads are better than one and with a friend who knows what you like, well sometimes they pick the best things for you. One of the budget friendly things to do with friends is to visit a flea market. This way you won’t be alone on your trip and also will have a great time. 


Nobody forgets a treat to their taste buds. If your friends come to your place every other week then you must be running out of options to cook. Or your budget might be too tight to let them taste new things from the famous restaurant. Even though it is common to pool in when ordering something still, weekly treats can be heavy on you and your buddies both. 

Make sure you dot drain half of your earnings on food and your friends don’t return hungry too. In such cases order food wisely. You can search for offers and discounts online to pick the restaurants for that week. For example the Papa John’s coupon codes are an exciting way to order lots of pizzas for less. And who doesn’t love pizzas? 

Dinner party

If weekend is for fun and you and your friends are in mood for some home cooked meals then dinner parties are a great idea. Ask all of your friends to cook their favorite dish or the one they find easiest yet yummiest and bring it to the party. This will save you from ordering online and you will also get to taste the yummy dishes by all your friends. This is also a great way to reduce burden from the host. 

Cook Together

If you are not up for ordering nor want to have a dinner party where each one brings homemade meal then you must cook together. Friends should have a cooking session together at least once in their lives. 

Use internet recipes to make delectable dishes like fresh fruit skewers as an appetizer, tiny meat or fish nibbles, and something sweet for dessert. Give your loved ones a fun weekend filled with culinary delights in a welcoming environment. This is feasible regardless of the weather and will be delivered in good condition.

Spa Day

There is nothing that gives a better bonding than a nice spa day with your friends. No you don’t have to go to expensive parlors to have that but you can sit together and treat each other nicely. How about giving each other manicures? Trying out some homemade face masks or experiment with different haircuts. Make face masks or exfoliates at home with natural materials. Then there'll be mimosas.

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