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7 Useful I Phone Widgets on iOS 14 and I Pad IOS 14


The arrival of iOS 14 brought a host of new features to the iPhone. One of the most notable changes is the addition of widgets to the home screen. Let's refer to 7 extremely useful widget-enabled applications on iOS 14 that you can download to refresh the interface of your iPhone screen through the article below.

What are Widgets on iPhone and iPad?

Widgets are miniature versions of apps that can update information right on the user's home screen in preview format. In iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, widgets come in 3 different sizes: small, medium, and large. Each length is a match for a selected purpose, and the app builders have finished a first-rate task of optimizing the number of statistics every widget length displays.

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Useful widget support apps on iOS 14

1. Spark – Email Management App


Of all the functions of the internet, email is one of the most important and necessary features. If you have to choose a mail management application for iOS users, Spark is definitely at the top of the list. Spark is one of the most popular 3rd party email providers that manage all your email accounts in one.

With the update on iOS 14, Spark provides a series of widgets including Show latest email, unread email with accompanying tasks like Search mail, show calendar and upcoming events, attachments attach, compose messages right outside the home screen.

Spark will be an extremely convenient application when you are on the go and don't have time to go to your inbox and check your email in person.

Besides the free version for individual users, Spark offers a Premium plan for groups with many premium features such as:

  • An unlimited number of team members participating in real-time email composing (free package up to 2 members).

  • Allows sharing private links in groups.

  • An unlimited number of email templates while the free plan only allows creating 5 templates per group.

User charges are based on the total number of active members in the group.


2. Climacell – Weather monitoring app

The default weather monitoring app on the iPhone works pretty well with widgets that display the temperature directly on the home screen. ClimaCell enhances the experience with detailed and accurate forecasts such as Rain, storm warnings, air quality, and wind speed charts. In addition, sunrise and sunset times are also displayed to help you plan your day perfectly.

If the built-in weather application on the iPhone is limited to displaying daily and weekly temperature forecasts, ClimaCell provides accurate information about weather, precipitation, humidity, AQI index, etc. … in real-time. All changes are continuously updated and refreshed every minute. Thanks to that, users can monitor the weather situation at any time of the day.

In addition, ClimaCell also gives you 2 options: Home and work. Accordingly, you can both be at work and update the weather in your home area. Currently, ClimaCell has a free download version on Android and iOS.


3. Fantastical – Calendar app


In Apple's app store there are countless calendar apps for you to choose from. But the name Fantastical stands out more when it comes to owning a beautiful interface with 12 new, customizable widgets. With Fantastical, you can choose the most basic widget to view today or view in full 30-day mode. In addition, you can also add events and set reminders for your appointment in the same widget.

Besides the main feature of daily calendar tracking, Fantastical even integrates 10-day weather forecasts into all calendar views. Thanks to the data support from AccuWeather, Fantastical's forecasts are accurate to the minute. Accordingly, the application will notify you of the current temperature as well as outside weather conditions (humidity, wind, ...) right on the main screen.


4. Apollo – Free Reddit App for iPhone


When it comes to Reddit on iPhone, few apps do anything better than the Apollo app. The developers have taken this Reddit app to the next level with iOS 14 widgets. Apollo offers a variety of widget styles in 3 sizes for you to choose from. With 10+ widgets, you can add anything from your posts, backgrounds, subreddit shortcuts, or pin a favorite quote to your home screen.

The Subreddit Shortcuts utility helps highlight your favorite subreddits, and you can also edit it by clicking Edit Widget. While Reddit may not be for everyone, Apollo is currently the gold standard for iPhone widget design. 


5. Google News – Google's news tracking application


Are you someone who wants to explore the world? So why not add Google News to your widget collection. With this utility, users can update as well as read articles on a variety of topics such as politics, economics, sports, entertainment, science, etc. anytime, anywhere.

Google News articles are also refreshed every minute, so you'll be on top of the latest news at a glance. Overall, Google News is one of the best widgets on iOS 14 for watching daily news right outside the home screen. Currently, users can install Google News for free on iPhone and iPad devices.


6. Screen Time – Manage device usage time


If you want to track information regarding your device usage time, this is the best free widget-enabled app and available on iPhone. Specifically, the application will show you all the necessary information on the main screen without going directly to the settings application.

In addition, like other widget-enabled applications, Screen time also provides many different widget sizes (small, medium, large) for users to choose to suit the content of information they want to display. . Screen Time has been built into iOS 14, so you can use it immediately by going to Settings -> Screen time -> Turn on screen time.


7. Sticky Widgets – A notes app


As the name suggests, Sticky Widgets is an application that replaces the sticky notes that we often stick on the wall or desk, making it easy to take notes on important tasks right on your phone without the use of pen and paper.

The application is designed with 3 different sizes to match Apple's available widget sizes as well as providing several personal options including Fonts, colors, layouts, etc. in a fun and smarter way. You can download the Sticky Widgets app from the App Store for absolutely free use.




The feature that allows users to add widgets anywhere on the home screen of iOS 14 makes the number of apps that support widgets increase exponentially. Every day, users have access to a series of new and constantly updated applications. Hopefully, with the suggestions above, you will find useful applications for your work and life.

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