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Book Cheapest Flights From USA to India

Taking non stop flights from USA to India? Or looking for cheap direct flights to India from the USA? This article is your one-stop solution for cheap air ticketing needs.

A densely populated Asian country, India is the hub of unique cultures and spirituality. The charismatic country receives hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. People travel to India with different pursuits, but no matter what a traveler pursues it India never fails in fulfilling it.

India always stays on the top of the radars of spiritual seekers and traveling bugs. The country is the home to one among the 7 wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. But India’s architectural beauty isn’t limited to the Taj Mahal only. And it would be safer to say that it starts with it. The world’s tallest statue, Statue of Unity, historic Ajanta and Ellora Caves, and the fresh tea gardens of Assam, India is enveloped with historical, cultural, architectural, and natural beauty.

Let’s know how to book cheapest flights from USA to India

Make early bookings

Do you know that 70% of bookings in direct flights to India from USA are made within a month of the flying schedule? Thus, early bookings are the best option to get cheap airlines tickets. Book your flight tickets 4 to 1 month before your flying schedule to ensure getting cheap flights.

Avoid using non-stop flights

Non-stop flights are the costliest of all the 3 flying itineraries. The main reason behind the higher costs of non-stop flights is that they are highly time-saving. Most of the time direct flights take 2* time and connecting flights take 4* then the non-stop flights to make you reach your destination.

If you value time more than money, then booking direct flights to India from the USA could be an affordable and time-saving option.

Book connecting flights

For booking connecting flights the first thing you will need is a lot of extra time in your pocket. Booking connecting flights is a barter between money and time, where you save one while spending the other.

Book 2 or 3 connecting flights to make you reach India from the US. You can take help from google maps to decide your stops.

Use budgeted airlines

The best way to save good money while booking connecting flights is to book these flights with budgeted airlines. These airlines' charges weigh less than international airlines for the same quality of services.

You can’t book direct flights with budgeted airlines as they don’t fly on longer routes. But, since recently these airlines have started covering significant distances, making them the ideal choice to book connecting flights.

Compare the prices

Compare the prices charged by different airlines to cover the same distance. Take help from the internet and look for price comparison sites. Many 3rd party booking websites are providing this feature on their website.

All you have to do is visit their website and fill in the asked details. A list of different airlines flying on your traveling routes along with the prices charged will appear on the screen. Now compare the options and look for the most affordable one. Found one? Book it as soon as possible.

Use different airlines

Booking all tickets for your connecting flights from one airline is not a wise choice. An airline that charges the least for taking you from Delhi to Mumbai may cost higher for taking you to Delhi from Kolkata. Thus, buying every ticket individually could be the best option.

Go to a 3rd party website, fill in the details of your first stop, and search for air tickets. 

From the list that appears, book the most affordable one. Now, repeat the same process for all of your flight tickets.

Never book two-way tickets

If you are booking a direct or non-stop flight between the USA and India, then it is highly advisable not to book both of your tickets from the same airlines. Because the airline that charges the least to fly you to India may charge more than others to fly you back to the USA.

Airlines charge different amounts to enter different countries. And in this case, you will end up paying more than what’s needed. To avoid such situations, always book both of the tickets separately.

Book with 3rd Party websites

Instead of booking air tickets from the airlines' main website, book them using the 3rd party website. These websites often provide great deals and discounts on bookings made with them. And you may not find them on the official websites.

Look for festive sales

The easiest method to buy air tickets is to wait for an air ticket sale. Airlines often organize these sales during festive periods. And you can book advance tickets from them. These sales always have a few tickets available. A little delay can make you miss the great opportunity.

So keep an eye on different airline's social media pages. As the airlines mostly make an online announcement before a sale. You can also set a reminder to remind you of the sale date and timings.

Book for weekdays

Flying on weekdays is always cheaper than flying on weekends. The reason lies in the lower demand for air tickets on weekdays. So, try booking a weekday flight instead of a weekend one.

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