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Find the Best Men Facial Service in Noida

For clear healthy skin, women mostly opt for different treatments and spa services from professional salons. Men, too, must focus on skincare to take better care of their appearance and skin health. In this context, facials are useful choices that naturally clear up the skin impurities and allow the pores to breathe.

While searching for “men facial near me" options, it is important for you to properly analyze the many choices you find. For the best facial treatment, only hire certified and skilled salon specialists in Noida. 

Types of facials for men 

The professional salon experts offer several types of facials for their male clients. 

  1. Anti-aging facial 

This facial type involves the use of hyaluronic acid, collagen-infused serums, and glycolic acid treatments. All of these ultimately decrease aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines while also restoring the firmness in the skin texture.

  1. Oxygen facial 

With age, the oxygen levels inside the dermis layers start depleting in quantity for men and women alike.  This results in the onset of aging signs. Therefore, experts suggest an oxygen facial revive the oxygen levels, reduce wrinkles, and add softness and freshness to the skin. 

  1. Exfoliating facial 

This Men Facial Service is effective for eliminating the dead skin cells from the dermis layers perfectly. Plus, it restores the skin radiance and also improves the dry surface condition. 

In general, exfoliation, as a practice, boosts inner blood circulation which results in healthier, smoother, and softer skin tone. Plus, clients barely notice many skin problems afterward.

  1. Deep cleansing facial 

The Deep Cleansing Facial service is useful for removing impurities like too much oil sediments, toxins, dead skin cells, and dirt from the skin. Thereafter, men notice a blemish-free smooth surface.

  1. Acne facial 

Acne is notably a very common issue for men, and this type of men's facial treatment is valuable here. After the application, you would notice healthier skin safe from inflammation, redness, and even potential skin breakouts. 

Best tips men should follow for smoother skin with facials 

There are particular at-home steps you can do to get smooth and clean skin. Typically, the skincare experts recommend many pointers for men specifically to follow. 

  • Exfoliate the skin regularly 

Exfoliation is an important step in anyone's daily skincare regime since it removes the available dead skin cells thoroughly. The benefits here include softer hair follicles that are easier to shave off and do not irritate the skin afterward. 

Plus, bacterial infections do not occur, skin breakouts are minimal, and the overall surface looks supple and healthy. 

  • Follow the CTM routine 

This routine involves the steps of Cleansing, Toning, as well as Moisturizing. To note, men have naturally more oily and thick skin. Plus, they are exposed to many toxins from pollution, cigarette smoke, and car exhaust. 

Therefore, most men's facial kit options carry the products for these three steps. They are important for cleaning the skin pores, healing damaged skin, and hydrating the layers.

  • Apply sunscreen before going out every day 

Before leaving the home, it is important to apply sunscreen, typically with SPF 30 formula or higher. Putting this on the hands and face prevents excess tanning. Do this around 15 minutes prior to going out for the solution to seep in better.

  • Focus on beard care daily 

Men should clean their beards regularly to avoid itchiness and to maintain better hygiene. So, routine beard wash and trimming are good steps to follow. 

  • Manicure is essential

Nails carry a lot of germs or dirt in the crevices. So, trimming the nails frequently and washing the hands is important. 

  • Moisturize lips every day

Besides getting a Men facial, you should put on lip balm regularly to avoid chapped lips.

How do the Zoylee professionals handle men's facial service?

To achieve the best facial service experience, male clients should download the online salon booking app of Zoylee first. Indeed, this would allow you to get in touch with high-quality skincare professionals with expertise and experience equally. 

They offer various services for full-scale facial treatment. Typically, the steps here involve applying steaming, exfoliating, cleansing, moisturizing, toning, massage, and anti-aging masks. 

The first steps are cleansing as well as exfoliation steps for properly cleaning the skin. Generally, the effects of the steps last for 48-72 hours after each session. Plus, regular facials show the benefits over time. 


To summarize, facials are useful for men to improve their overall skin condition naturally. For the best and noticeable results, you should opt for professional services. Check the reviews and choose one that offers the most suitable facial treatment for your skin condition and type. 

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