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How To Wear Joggers: A Complete Guide

Athleisure has taken a major hit among adults and young adults in recent years. With that, jeans and chinos have a new competition. Women and men jogger might be the top trending outfit and it is owning the street style look. Now joggers are not just limited to sportswear and workout wear but they are gaining popularity as a wardrobe staple.

What Are Jogger Pants?

For those who don’t know, let us take you from the very basics. Joggers were originally designed for workout purposes and they are a traditional type of sports pants. They are lightweight and comfortable with an athletic appearance. With booming trends of athleisure, joggers are now a key element of all wardrobes. They are no longer considered cheap and out of place but are in fact a cool and contemporary clothing essential if properly styled. They are a much more stylish variant of the basic sweatpants while keeping the element of comfort in check. 

Today, we will take you through all the different ideas to style and wear jogger pants.

How To Wear Joggers

The most important question one might ask is how to wear joggers and what to wear them with? Joggers can be styled in several different ways. Although they aren’t particularly formal wear, they can still be styled following different dress codes. The most common category is casual wear for joggers. You can pair joggers with other causal clothing items like shirts and hoodies. For a smarter and neater look, you can also pair them with button-down shirts and blazers.

Jogger Outfit Ideas

Now we have some chic options lined up for you that can make the most comfortable yet the coolest outfits with a simple pair of jogger pants.

  1. With Sweatshirts

The classic combo takes the lead when talking about options to pair up jogger pants with. A sweatshirt styled with joggers may look like a lazy outfit for a lazy day on the couch but actually, it can be a really cool and stylish streetwear outfit. In the past couple of years, perhaps this outfit wouldn’t be deemed appropriate but with rising trends of athleisure, it is completely appropriate to be worn casually. Although, to ensure that your look is neater than typical loungewear, don’t forget to pair stylish sneakers and boots with your outfit.

  1. With T-Shirts

The whole purpose of joggers is to keep you casual and relaxed. Pair them with a t-shirt and you have made yourself the best possible comfy and casual outfit. You can create a fabulous weekend look by pairing complementing colours of joggers with cool and breezy t-shirts. To ensure a polished look, we advise you to opt for a well-fitted t-shirt and the hem of your pants right above your ankles. These small details might feel insignificant but they contribute a lot to your overall tidy look.

  1. With Track Jackets

The best thing about track jackets is that they can be worn with literally everything and still make a cool outfit. A chic combination of a track jacket with joggers gives off a cool athletic vibe and can be styled with some additional outerwear of your choice. With this amazing outfit combo, now you don't have to worry about looking worn out on your morning run. 

  1. With Hoodies

Everyone is a fan of warm, comfy, and cosy hoodies. Nowadays, pairing a hoodie with jogger pants is considered a pretty appropriate outfit as casual wear. You don't have to get out of your comfort zone when going out for coffee with a bunch of friends or on a Saturday night out. To make your hoodie and jogger combo more stylish, you can always go with some edgy and cool street style-inspired looks. A good pair of sneakers and some stylish sunglasses can take your look to another level. 

  1. With Denim Jackets 

Yes, you read that right. A denim jacket and jogger combo are completely okay and appropriate. Gone are the days when people would label you a fashion disaster for such combos. You can totally pair your favourite denim jacket with your most comfortable jogger pants for a cool weekend look. To introduce structure with your jogger pants, denim jackets might be the neatest option available.

With these combos, you can easily transform your basic joggers look into a stylish joggers look. To shop from a wide range of excellent quality jogger for men, head over to Noir Ldn. 

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