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Top Features To Upgrade Your Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Last year was a challenging year for everyone with the rise of unforeseen circumstances of the global pandemic. We shifted from traditional in-person events to virtual events. The percentage of virtual events skyrocketed exponentially. With the change in event formats, our daily lifestyles have been transformed drastically. As lockdown has been imposed in nations around the world, everything slowed down as people were locked beside doors. With restrictions imposed on the public gatherings, all physical events went on hold. Organizations are left with no other option rather than to shift to work-from-home scenarios. However, a lot of trouble has been faced by people. 

In no time all the live physical events have been transformed into virtual events. And the demand for virtual event technology skyrocketed as hosting virtual events is the only viable option left with organizations and businesses. Right from day-to-day meetings to the most important organization events such as town halls and AGMs has been shifted to digital format. 

Town halls are an important event for every organization where the team who achieved their goals is appreciated. Whereas the future goals of the organization are being conveyed to all the employees of an organization. Additionally, town halls are even organized to deliver an important message or most relevant information to all the employees together at once. When hosting physical town halls are impossible, taking it online is the only viable option left. For that, you need a comprehensive virtual town hall meeting platform with the most exuberant features. It helps in delivering enthralling and immersive features to your employees spread in varied locations.  

Today, virtual town hall meetings have become an essential part of every organization. In this blog, we have covered some of the most exciting features to upgrade your virtual town hall meeting. It not only helps in engaging your remote employees but upscales the experiences as well. Let’s get started!

Virtual Town halls - What are they?

A virtual town hall meeting is an online meeting that brings together all the employees of a company together. It is organized by the company's director or any other senior executive to give information, news, or specific updates to all of the company's employees who are spread out across multiple locations. Virtual town hall meetings enable employees to participate in the meeting right from their home comforts. It is a huge plus.

A virtual town hall gathering is an excellent communication tool for an organization. It brings employees from all over the world together. Additionally, it offers a platform for management and staff to communicate with one another openly in real-time at their comfort.

Today, hosting virtual town halls have become immensely popular with the benefits it serves. Selecting the right virtual conference platform with amazing features is the key. It helps in upgrading virtual town halls and making the most out of them. 

A comprehensive platform allows you to embed fun games and activities in your virtual town halls. It helps in boosting excitement in the town halls while keeping them engaged throughout the virtual town halls. 

Tips to Upgrade Your Virtual Town Hall Meetings

We have listed some most exciting features to upgrade your virtual town halls effectively. Have a look:

  • Organize Live Polls 

Introduce online polling during your virtual town halls to engage your employees effortlessly. It not only helps in boosting excitement but also helps you in gaining their opinions on a certain topic. With Live polling, the remote workforce can simply voice out their opinions by voting via a screen. The results of live polls are displayed instantly on the screen of all the participants. It helps in upscaling the engagements at virtual town halls.

  • Virtual Networking tables

It is another exciting feature that upgrades your virtual town hall meetings. Virtual networking tables enable remote employees to have 1:1 or group discussions with other employees as well as management. The remote workforce can interact with anyone present during the virtual town hall via live audio/video functionality in real-time. 

  • AR/ VR Virtual Games

Introduce virtual games such as spin the wheel, tic-tac-toe, contents, quizzes, dart game, and more to your virtual town halls. It will help in making your town halls lively and boost excitement thus keeping your employees engaged.

  • Organize Q&A Sessions

 You can opt to organize Q&A sessions in your virtual town halls to upgrade meetings. It helps employees to ask questions directly to the management in real-time. Thus boosting employee company relationships.

  • Embed signature wall

You can opt to integrate signature walls in your town halls. It will allow your employees to leave remarks about the meeting along with the signature.

  • 2-way video conferencing

Another exciting feature that helps in upgrading your virtual town hall meeting is 2-way video conferencing. It allows employees to share a stage with the speaker and have real-time interactions. The conversations held between the two can be speculated by all the other employees present. It is a brilliant chance to ask all your queries and concerns directly in real-time just like physical town halls. 

  • Reminders and notifications 

One of the most important features that upgrade your virtual town halls is reminders and push notifications. Before the town hall is about to start, send reminders to employees to tune in for the meeting. It helps in boosting meeting attendance and keeps the remote workforce updated about any specific change in the schedule.  

  • Attendee footprinting and event analytics

One of the must-have features you must look at before finalizing a virtual event platform. Ensure that the platform you select has the data tracking capabilities. It helps in tracking every attendee move during the event and measure the performance of the town halls. Additionally, it also helps in identifying the impediments and which areas have the least and maximum engagements. 


There are ample virtual event platforms available in the market today. But selecting the one that has the most relevant and advanced features to keep attendees hooked and deliver value, helps in elevating your virtual town hall experiences!

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