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13 Essential Questions Small Business Should Ask an SEO Provider

In order to provide an improved UX, the algorithms of search engines get updated continuously. As a result, several changes need to be made in the techniques of SEO. So, we can say that there are no fixed steps for doing SEO. An SEO technique that is effective today may not work tomorrow. There is no doubt that a lot of expertise is required for doing search engine optimization which is not possible if we do it in-house. Therefore, we should go for hiring an SEO agency that has so much knowledge and experience in doing search engine optimization. But how can we decide that an SEO agency is right for us? By asking a number of questions from an SEO provider we can reach a decision on whether the agency is a good agency or not. 13 essential questions that a small business should ask an SEO provider are given below.

1. How much time will you take to complete the project?

Consider the goal and size of the agency. For the growth of your business, do they have enough resources?

2. According to you, which method of online marketing is right today?

Consider their philosophy of marketing.

3. Are you new in this field or are you an experienced agency?

In order to know about their success, see their history. The agency will not be able to show its success if it is new. There is a possibility that they do not provide good results but charge a heavy price.

4. Are you a reputed agency?

Consider the reputation and name of the agency. For getting information about the agency ask your competitors, colleagues and business contacts. It is because sometimes you can find fake reviews for an agency. You need not trust the agency just by seeing the reviews. It will be good to ask from the business contacts that you have because they can provide you the correct information about the agency.

5. Are you interested in charging the fees on a monthly basis or in some other manner?

Consider the pricing model of search engine optimization. Ask them if they are ready for an agreement of 30 days or for a contract of 12 months.

6. Do you have a passion for your job?

Are they ready to work for you with full enthusiasm? Have they worked for similar other fields? If yes then ask them to tell about their experience.

7. Do you have the necessary capabilities for doing SEO?

Ask them that for ranking of web pages what strategies of online marketing do they follow. If the agency is a good agency, then it needs to be transparent and it should not say that it wants to keep it a secret.

8. For how many clients you have worked for and how many years you have spent in this field?

As per your request the agency needs to tell you about their clients. This will give you an idea that it is a professional agency and has worked for various companies.

9. Do you have specialization in any specific niche?

If the agency has specialization in any specific niche, then it will be considered as a good agency.

10. For producing a good return on investment in less than one year, what will be your monthly working hours?

By getting the answer to this question you will have an idea whether the agency is really interested to work for you or not and if they are capable of producing the required return of investment for you.

11. Will you do the work for my company by taking it as a project or will you provide any further support?

An agency will be considered good if after working for you, it is ready to provide you further support for all the problems that you will face in the future.

12. Do you perform the competitor analysis?

If they use the SEO tools of professional level for doing competitor analysis then they will be considered as a good agency.

13. Will you provide the cutting-edge services of search engine optimization or simply basic services?

Go for hiring only that agency that is capable of providing cutting-edge services of search engine optimization.

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