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5 reasons why you need custom coins

Challenge coins have a rich history, particularly because it comes from a military background. But these days, its usefulness stretches beyond the military premise. I am sure you might have come across challenge coins, although you might not have guessed what they actually are. So here’s a brief guide to challenge coins and a few reasons as to how you too can benefit from similar custom coins. Let’s get cracking!

How are challenge coins useful to people?

  • Usage #1: While trophies and medals are great – something that helps the recipients remember their accomplishments, it seems too generic these days, and has lost much of its value. On the other hand, custom challenge coins don’t just look unique, it significantly stands out.

  • Usage #2: When something unique or someone is to be remembered, people generally use plaques, and at times banners are used to spread the word. However, getting custom challenge coins made to remember someone or something by is a great initiative – one that definitely connects with a wider audience.

  • Usage #3: When someone goes above and beyond to help, he or she is given a card appreciating their help and service. But what if they could be given something more interesting? This is where custom coins shine. A coin with their name engraved on top is a great way of showing appreciation.

  • Usage #4: Organizing weddings is a lot of hassle and thus, it’s quite obvious for you to thank your friends and family members who helped you in organizing it to perfection. However, instead of giving them gifts, which may or may not be of any use to them, you can give them special coins commemorating their effort and thanking them for their constant support on your special day.

  • Usage #5: People try looking for new and innovative ways in which to announce that they’re going to be parents. Be it funny pictures, parties, or postcards, I am sure you have seen it all. How about custom coins? Throw a party for the near and dear ones without mentioning what’s it all about, and hand everyone custom pins announcing the big news – something to remember the event with.

  • Usage #6: When businesses or companies attend trade shows or job fairs, they hand out all kinds of unique things, to make a strong first impression and be remembered among all the competitive brands around. Thus, instead of a pen bearing the company’s name, try giving out something memorable – something that stands out.

  • Usage #7: NASA is one company that is into creating mission-specific challenge coins. This is a great way of honoring staff and employees, or celebrating 10 years of your company, or commemorating the successful completion of a specific project. It acts as a big morale boost for all in the company or those related. It is an ideology that is being fast implemented in small and big enterprises around the globe.

  • Usage #8: In the army, challenge coins are a kind of proof that someone was part of a specific battalion or served a specific tour. However, it wasn’t always the case! In old days, it was used for security reasons and was used by people to show their loyalty. These days, it is used by groups, clubs, or associations for much the same purpose.

Key takeaway

Custom coins are great for commemorating events, encouraging employees, recognizing someone’s hard work, showing loyalty to a party or group, as a marketing tool at trade shows, or as return gifts during an occasion. It creates a lasting bond and can be a great souvenir. That said, while you would find tons of platforms dealing in custom pins or custom challenge coins, always go for reliable and professional services. This way you’d not have to worry about the quality of the coins or the deadline. It’s certainly a great idea and once you see the end results, you’d be glad you chose it.

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