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Different Ideas And Designs To Create A Small Balcony Garden

Like having a garden in the front yard of your home, but you actually live in an apartment? Don’t worry; you still can have one; when will the balcony come to use? Yes, you read that right, in the next few minutes, you will learn a new use to your balcony. 

I don’t need to remind you that plants and flowers are a big part of our environment that plays an important role in our wellbeing both physically and mental. That’s what brought me here to promote home gardens, even if it’s on a balcony or inside the house, because having gardens at home not only adds beauty to your space but is also therapeutic. To get the best of nature, home gardens with plenty of seasonal flowers and plants are a perfect idea. But you know in urban living, people live in apartments that have attached balconies (big or small), so that makes balconies the only space where you set up gardens, add pots. Well, balcony gardens are a trendy concept, And trust me, this setup will actually create a classy setting to sit around when you wish to enjoy the weather or sip your morning coffee. Another reason why balcony gardens rock is that since this extended area of your house is a perfect spot to catch the best of the weather, converting it into beautiful gardens will add up to spending some leisure time at home itself. All you need are some design ideas that can put together your balcony garden within the limited spacing. That is what I’m here for, to give you ideas to decorate your balcony with fresh blooming plants. So, order roses online because it's time to revamp your balcony. 

Ceramic potted plants

Potted plants are the first and the foremost thing that comes to mind when one thinks of gardening, bringing plants home. It's the most common way to plant flowers at home with or without a garden. They are the best representatives of greenery and gardening. So, when you are creating a balcony set up, of course, you need some potted plants or your outline. Just one thing to keep in mind while buying pots is that they should be decorative. As balconies are attached to the apartment, it is a more eye-catching area. So, you can expect more people to notice your balcony, your garden. For that, you can opt for ceramic pots because they are available in wonderful designs. Select the colours and designs that compliment your space.  


Another amazing idea to fit your garden within your balcony is by creating a pergola. Pergola is actually an arched structure in gardens that are fully covered with trailing plants and climbers. Your whole balcony will be covered with flowers and foliage providing you with a proper shade in the warmer season. Install a pergola to create a cosy seating arrangement and send flowers to Noida and other climbers like this one. 

Vertical gardens

Did you say limited spacing? We suggest trying to go vertical. Yes, when you want to make the most of the available space, install vertical gardens. This way is perfect for saving space while doubling up the gardening area. Fix a potholder that can hold your potted plants vertically and will even make a perfect backdrop for your insta pictures. 

Hanging baskets

One of the best parts of balcony gardens is that you get to hang plant-filled baskets, which is obviously not a thing in backyard gardens. When you hand baskets up above your head, this gives you ample moving space in the place while having plants around altogether. Cute wooden and plastic baskets are available in the market, or you can even make some at home. Then hang these containers to the ceiling. 

Use railing

It is all about using the stuff around in a smart way. When you think about balcony gardens, even the railing can serve as a place to grow plants. You can let some climbers and creepers grow and spread over your railing with its flowers and foliage hanging down. If the plant selection is ideal, it really gives a beautiful look to the house.

So these are designs that can be used to create a balcony garden to give it an interesting look.  If you already don't own one, it is time now to look at your balcony in a different way.

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