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Is technology a friend or foe to our life? Some notable pros & cons

In our daily life, we can’t even imagine a day without using technology. Whether to reach an unknown location or waking up at the desirable time, each and everything is completed with the help of technology. Being such an integral part of our life, often a point of argument arises, i.e. the long term effect of technology. 

Undoubtedly, compared to the old days, the lifestyle of today’s people is quite commendable than the past. Life becomes easier than before due to the intervention of technology. But it is also undeniable that scientists and experts are continuously working on it to offer new things because of such huge usage of technology.

Now, from here begins the problem. Due to its continuously evolving nature, some experts are also exploring its negative usage. This is why that question arises. However, here we will discuss both the pros and cons to conclude whether technology is really a friend or foe.

Pros of technology 

There is no exception to technology. It can bring huge changes to a person’s daily habits. Thus, it reduces expenses and saves time for a person. For this reason, many organizations, most business entities, are making use of technology the most. 

Some of the long term advantages include, 

  • Saves time and enhances productivity 

Do you know why Japan and China come under the list of the most leading countries in the whole world? The one and only reason is technological advancement. Generally, they spend less time finishing work, due to which productivity increases to a great extent. 

Moreover, it has proved that organizations that use technological gadgets at every step are able to reduce the time of producing a single product. On the other hand, the production of goods has increased unimaginably. Therefore, increasing productivity within a stipulated timeframe ultimately benefits an organization. 

Therefore, while starting up a small business, you must need this trick which will save your money and increase productivity at the same time. To get such a benefit to applying for business loans today because only after increasing funds will you be able to rent some technological gadgets for your business. 

  • Real-time communication 

Perhaps this is the most attractive benefit of all. People always want to communicate with each other. No matter how long they share in between them, effective communication can drive out loneliness completely. To draw the line of communication between one person to another, there is no exception to technology. 

Moreover, the entire communication is done in real-time, which means people need not wait long for a reply and send the message instantly. Nowadays, many business organizations are using real-time communication technology within their office itself. It helps to communicate between employees and superiors without moving anywhere from the seat. 

  • Ease of video conference 

If the pandemic did not outbreak in such a devastating manner, we hardly understood the worth of video calls or conferences. Yes, this is another important contribution of technology. While people can hardly get out of their homes because of pandemics and carry on their business relationships, technology has laid its helping hands. 

By the convenience of the video call, a person can easily meet and talk with another person through a strong internet connection. Working professionals can conduct their meetings over the internet without going out from their own house. On the other hand, children are getting the feeling of school by attending classes in the video call.

  • Medical support 

Do you know its reason for popularity? Due to its contribution in technology has made technology more popular and important to our life. Whenever you went for treatment in any super speciality hospital, there is no doubt that all the treatments are conducted under the supervision of advanced gadgets.  

Medical science is also enjoying its lifesaving benefits. People can easily complete the primary treatment in the home with the help of such gadgets. Therefore, medical support is something that enhances the importance of technology in our daily life. 

Cons of technology 

Unlike everything, there are some disadvantages of technological advancement. Due to this, many people are naming it as a foe instead of a friend. Some of those long-term disadvantages include, 

  • A great loss to nature 

Nowadays, we are at the brink of technological excellence. People are about to reach the 6th generation of mobile phones. The quickest communication services, more comfort to our lives are the reason for such experimental upgradation. However, do you know our mother nature is ultimately facing loss due to such advancement? 

It has proved that, with the advancement of generations in smartphones, birds are affected the most. A recent survey on birds witnessed that the number of birds is decreasing day by day. 

  • Lack of physical communication 

Although people have ease of communication through social networking actually, it made people unsocial. Most people like to stay within their own world without any communication. It reduces quality time in the family and loosens the bonding between family members. 

  • Wrong reading can bring loss of lie.

As mentioned, many super speciality hospitals are now relying more on technology than human beings. Now, it is also undeniable that technical gadgets can stop working properly at any time. In this way, a gadget can show the wrong result, which may become the cause of losing a life. 

However, it is hard to conclude that whether technology is ultimately a friend or foe. Actually, it all depends upon its usage. If a person can explore its good sides, then definitely technology will behave like a friend.  


Is technology a friend or foe? However, it always depends upon the usage of technology which represents either friend or foe to mankind.

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