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What is Rivotril tablet? Does Rivotril make you sleepy?

What is a Rivotril Tablet?

Rivotril tablets are given to treat the patient who undergoes sleep disorders and is considered as one of the most highly effective sleeping pills. Belonging from the family of Benzodiazepine, it works by influencing the GABA chemicals present in the nervous system and thus provides relief to the patients by relaxing their brain cells.

Rivotril tablets have many benefits and are considered as one of the most important drugs to cure the epileptic patients, be it a newborn, infant, child or adult. It also cures panic attacks by relaxing the stiff muscles and is good for patients going through anxiety etc.

It works for people of all ages and its efficacy depends upon the doses prescribed by the doctor.

The sleeping pills are actually designed in a way to make the patients feel relaxed after taking it. Their effects also last for a long time and therefore people experience various side effects as well.

With the chemical formula C15H10NI3O3, it cures various disorders that are caused due to lack of sleep by the people such as depression, anxiety, mental and physical stress etc. this may lead to other mental and physical disorders and thus affect the performance of the people at jobs etc. The proper sleep of around 6 to 8 is compulsory after taking Rivotril to maintain the balance of the body and to avoid any after effects of lack of sleep.

Rivotril Tablets

Rivotril tablets are available in two different strengths and they are 0.5 mg and 2 mg.

0.5 mg Tablet

The color of 0.5 mg tablet is pale orange, cylindrical, biplane with a slant-edged shape. Each tablet contains 0.5 mg of clonazepam and the nonmedical ingredients are cornstarch, iron-oxide red and yellow, lactose, magnesium stearate, potato starch, gluten-, paraben-, sodium sulfite and tartrazine.

2 mg Tablet

The shape of this tablet is the same as of 0.5 mg tablet however, the color of 2 mg tablet is white and the ingredients are also the same as that of 0.5 mg Rivotril.

Consulting A Physician Is Important Before Taking Any Medicine

It is highly recommended to always ask your doctor before taking any medicine as the long term or overdose of the sleeping pill can extremely affect the nervous system and can leave you drowsy all the time.

It is better to begin with the lowest dose and if you have any medical history of substance addiction then long term use is not recommended as it may cause addiction again and you may not get a proper sleep even after taking a higher dose either.

What Precautions Must Be Taken Before Using Rivotril?

It is important to know whether your health allows you to take the sleeping pill or not. For instance, the women who are found pregnant or trying to conceive should not take the medicine and if prescribed by the doctor then, discuss the condition before you take it.

The people who suffer from blood pressure should also avoid taking Rivotril as if they are taking other medicines to keep the blood pressure normal then certainly those medicine also contains

Individuals with heart problems must not take these pills because they may get affected by the sleeping pills and may experience palpitations, increased or decreased heart rate. They might not feel the cardiac arrest as well which is the most alarming condition.

Therefore, taking medicine can be hazardous especially if the dose is not known or if it is just being seen by some other person using the same strength for the same purpose or disorder.

Does Rivotril Make You Sleepy?

Yes, Rivotril makes you feel sleepy but in the case when the patient takes a dose properly but does not take a proper slumber then it becomes difficult for them to get out of the reaction time. As the sleeping pill slows down the GABA chemicals in the brain, thus the efficiency of the brain also effects. Therefore, the people who deal with heavy machinery or do driving jobs such as driving trucks on longer routes should be very careful as it may take you to a different phase of mind and you may fall asleep while doing anything.

That is the reason why it is highly recommended to use Rivotril along with a proper sleep or ask your doctor before you take the medicine and discuss your routine during consultation.

Other Than The Sleepiness Or Drowsiness What Can Be The Side Effects Of Rivotril?

There are a number of side effects other than drowsiness and the one on top of the list is substance addiction. This term refers to the addiction of medicine if taken for a longer term and it mainly happens if the consumer is found with a history of alcohol or drug addiction.

Some severe side effects may be depression, anxiety, , reduced or increased sex desires, muscle stiffness, abdominal cramps.

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