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4 Logo Makers That Stand out with Useful Features

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Logos are one of the most important tools that help companies reflect their brand identity and distinguish them from their competitors. Suppose you are going to create a logo for your company. In that case, you can leave it in the hands of a professional person or agency in graphic design, or you can design a logo yourself with logo design programs that have many paid and free alternatives.

Therefore, this post will talk about 4 logo design programs that stand out for those who want to design their logo and their features that will help meet the users' expectations. If you want to make your logo, this article's content about logo design programs can be useful.

Best 4 online logo makers worth trying

You don't always need the services of a professional to design a logo. It is possible to design a logo for your company or yourself on many design sites in the internet world.

This post will give you information about 4 different logo makers that will please you with their features and help you create creative works. Here are logo design programs that will help you design creative logos.


DesignEvo, which allows you to make your online logo quickly with zero knowledge, is one of the most preferred logo makers for those who need a logo.

DesignEvo, which everyone can easily use with its simple interface, stands out as it can be preferred by people who do not know design.

In addition to providing the opportunity to add the symbols and texts you want to the logo, you choose from among the ready-made templates. DesignEvo also allows you to design your logos from a blank canvas without worry as it connects an icon library. With DesignEvo, a tool compatible with mobile devices, you can design your logo from anywhere with your phone.

After creating your logo on DesignEvo, you can download the 300X300 px resolution logos for free, while you need to get the premium for higher resolution logos.


LogoMaker, another program that offers the opportunity to design a logo for free, has a significant place for people who need a logo, thanks to its easy-to-use interface.

The commands in the program offer a much easier user experience. If you are looking for a cartoon-style logo for your brand, you can create such a logo through LogoMaker.

In addition to saving as JPEG and PDF, you can also save your logos as PNG and print on any material in high resolution for a small fee.


You can easily have the logo of your dreams with Looka, formerly known as Logojoy, which includes many creative logo templates.

After you register, Looka offers you five different logo designs. By choosing one of the designs offered, you can make custom changes to the logo or choose from different design alternatives.


Ucraft is among the online platforms that offer the opportunity to design a professional logo for your brand. Sharing over 2 million templates with its users, Ucraft also offers the option to change selected templates.

The most significant merit of the platform is the opportunity to download the high-resolution PNG format of the created logo, which you can use anywhere.


Another program among the online logo design programs is LogoMakr. Compared to other programs mentioned in our content, LogoMakr offers more limited changes to the logo. Although it is less preferred than other logo design programs due to this feature, it is definitely worth trying for you looking for a new logo thanks to its easy use.

In addition, when you visit the website for the first time, a video on how to create a logo opens on LogoMakr. With this feature, you can use the LogoMakr much more easily.


This post has brought together the logo design programs that stand out with their different features for you. If you need to prepare a logo for your company or personal brand, but you do not have enough time or the budget to get professional help, this logo maker list will help you.

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