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Cracked Teeth Vs Craze Lines: What’s The Difference?

What are cracked teeth?

Crack teeth are the injury of regular wear and tear. At the primary stage, it won’t affect your overall oral health. But if you leave it untreated it may cause erratic pain while chewing or biting hard food, or you may feel pain while your tooth is exposed to sudden temperature changes.


The cracked tooth does not always show symptoms at the primary stage they won’t show any specific symptoms. At the primary stage, they are harmless and do not require treatment. But when an individual notice the following symptoms along with more intense crack, then he needs medical attention

  • Pain while eating, biting, and chewing

  • Inflamed, red swollen gums around the cracked tooth

  • Increased tooth sensitivity to sweet dishes

  • The specific teeth suddenly become sensitive to cold beverages, and hot beverages

  • Pain tends to come and go

  • Feeling discomfort around the teeth and gum


Reason for cracked teeth

There is plenty of reason for tooth crack. The main reasons are mentioned below

  • Clenching

  • Prolonged teeth grinding

  • Wrong bite pattern

  • Cutting hard objects with teeth

  • Chewing non-food items, or very hard things continuously

  • Finger & nail-biting

  • Physical injuries and trauma

  • A pre-existing cavity may weaken the other tooth and cause cracked teeth

  • Sudden temperature changes also crack the teeth.

What is the Craze line?

Craze line is superficial lines develop on the external layer of teeth, on the tooth enamel. The dentist considered it as superficial or hairline cracks. It can be translucent, yellow, brown, or gray. Craze lines are visible when your teeth get stained. That’s why it can be seen in individuals who used to take tobacco, tea, coffee, cola frequently

Cause of craze lines

The main reason is too much pressure placed on the teeth. It is a bad habit but become natural with the long year of chewing and teeth grinding. Some people along with young individuals develop craze lines due to normal wear and tear. Also, it can happen from trauma

The basic reasons are:

  • Clenching

  • Prolonged teeth grinding

  • Wrong bite pattern

  • Cutting hard objects with teeth

  • Chewing non-food items, or very hard things continuously

  • Finger & nail-biting

  • Tongue rings

  • Biting ice and hard frozen food

  • Temperature shock

  • Trauma at the time of sports

  • Dental drilling during a previous procedure

Most people are unaware of the existence of craze lines at an early stage because it does not make any complications. This problem can faint over time. The crack will be more visible while eating and drinking a substance that used to leaves stains such as soft drinks tea, coffee, red wine. It makes your smile a little weird. Thus people take the assistance of cosmetic dentistry to improve cracks on their teeth. Because smile help to boost up confidence.

Cracked teeth do not harmful to your oral health but they may affect your appearance.

The difference between Cracked teeth and Craze lines?

Cracked teeth VS Craze lines

Before discussing the oral health condition, you must aware of some important things, You must understand all tooth chips or cracks are not the same in nature. Craze lines and cracked teeth both fall under the categories of chipped teeth, but they are completely different from each other. The other type includes vertical root fracture, fractured cusp, and split tooth. All of these are collectively known as a broken teeth. To treat them you need special dental service.

A cracked tooth is a very serious oral problem because it can damage your complete oral health, the entire tooth from the enamel surface to the root nerve. It requires early treatment. Bruxism or teeth grinding is responsible for a cracked tooth. Apart from that accident, trauma, brushing forcefully, cavity, infection, gingivitis, the previous dental procedure may responsible for a cracked tooth or damaged tooth.

If the cracked tooth does not treat at the early phase it may extend below the gumline. Therefore, it needs to be removed altogether to balance oral health.


Craze lines do not create a dental emergency, these lines are microscopic cracks that can be seen through a microscope. It usually appears in the outer layer of enamel. Craze line does not cause pain as cracked tooth does. Craze teeth are not detrimental to your oral health, but they may affect your appearance. Few cosmetic changes can improve the problem. Most people feel unconfident to smile with the craze line, for that cosmetic dentistry develop an amazing treatment to recover from it.


Here we provide a complete idea of craze lines and cracked teeth, and how they differ from each other. If you are struggling with any of these complications, don’t leave them untreated, take professional assistance from the best dentist in DubaiThey will give you proper treatment after an in-depth diagnosis. You will feel more confident with your dazzling smile, 


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