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Famous Web Design Trends to Most Consider in 2021

The web design technology industry is constantly changing. It becomes challenging to keep up with the web trends that demand focusing on user experience and page speed. Every time the new web design trend is introduced, it changes the face of how the web design industry actually works. New software, new tools, and new programs are introduced that allow graphic and web designers to learn and create uniquely designed elements to complement the client with the best possible trends. 2021 website trends are all about the REAL theme. Let us explore the never-ending trends for 2021 to perform well on search engines and look exceptional.

Some of the website trends to keep in mind to shine brighter in 2021:

  1. Retro Fonts

Old things are becoming cool again. The retro font has become more popular and there is plenty of vintage typography that you will be able to see on the website. It’s the comeback style. These fonts are able to add a bit of artistry and style to your website giving it an old touch. The idea is to bring life to the traditional old fonts with a bit of experimentation. A retro-futurism on the website is a new creative typography reimagination in 2021.

  1. Abstract Art Composition

You might have come across some abstract shapes, mainly square and circle consisting of geometric primitives in the website banner. The latest website trends in 2021 are letting web designers use these abstract art elements rather than stock photography and figure illustration. The elements in the abstract art feel energetic and its colours give a warm look, giving life to the web page similar to how familiar human faces feel. The abstract art composition is mostly found in use by start-ups, tech products, and mobile apps.

  1. Comfy Colours

The digital era has forced everyone to spend most of their majority time on computers. The colour of the website matters as when the user looks at the website, it needs to provide less load on the eyes after continuous interaction on the website. And thus, it becomes important for a web designer to take into account the colour scheme that is focused on being easy on the sky. The colour of the website needs to induce calm and relaxation and that is what web designers are going to keep in mind in 2021. 

  1. Horizontal Scrolling

If you go through the latest websites of the huge brands, you will come across the horizontal scrolling parameter coming up again. Some of the few points that the web designer needs to keep in mind this 2021 while designing horizontal scrolling is: taking care about the navigation like adding an arrow with clear labels, using clear visual hues to show its usage and being thoughtful about what content to be displayed in the horizontal scrolling.

  1.   Dark Mode

"Black is the new trend”. More and more screens will be seen black in 2021. More designers are embracing the dark mode making the design elements pop up on the screen. Being a designer, it becomes easy to experiment with the style. Let the 2021 trend prosper.

  1. The Scrolling Transformation

When users scroll down the websites, they are actually navigating for information and thus are interacting with the website. Interaction is a kind of participation that lets users get involved in things that are happening that can build their interest and keep them engaged. Scrolling is one of the best ways to lets the interaction game strong. Web designers are ramping up the visuals in the scrolling to bring changes in the layout.

  1. Use of 3D Visuals

With the latest technology, most of the screen comes of high resolutions and having 3D design is going to go a long way giving bevelled edges to your website. High quality 3D visuals are going to improve the overall user experience of your website. Minimalist layout with 3D designs are going to make a bigger impression ahead.

  1. Enchanting Questionnaires

The most critical journey of a user is the onboarding process- the landing page where the users land and search for intended information. And the time a user will stay on your landing page depends on the quality of his experience while surfing on the website. Rather than providing descriptions of the products and services, more and more renowned brands are using questionnaires to foster an interactive experience. It usually involves adding up a series of cards with animated transitions in between. It makes the website more interactive and becomes a standard feature one can add to a website in 2021.

  1. Designs Based on a Cause

With the current pandemic situation and various other social issues to be taken care of, the internet has become a refuge. Many businesses, whether small or large have made their business to be sustainable online. And the creative web designers were actively available to create impactful and meaningful designs. Most of the brands demanded their website to accomplish sustainability efforts or community involvement. It is on rising as it is bringing awareness to social causes through visualizations and interactive designs.

  1. Blurry Effect

Designers are found to use blur work more in the website by providing a swirl of focus to images and other gradient elements. Advantages of plastic bags is It’s in trend lately to use a pleasing gaussian blur of colour. Using the right blend of colours such as red, purple, and blue gives a nice contrast between the straight line there and the typography that overlays on it making it more interesting.

More to come in 2021

It’s exciting to capture the latest web trends as they are continually changing irrespective of the continuing momentum of the no-code movement. Add more value to your brands with the latest web design. Looking for a Web Design Company in India, DigiSupreme has the web designers to let your business stand out in 2021.  Stay updated and create a long-lasting impression on your customers.

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