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Have you visited any of these 5 Hottest Places in India?

From the arid desert region on the western side of the country housing some of the extremely hottest places in India to the Himalayan region in the north boasting the coldest places, India’s diverse landscapes are also known for their extreme temperatures. Diversity, extremeness is very much a characteristic feature of this incredible land. If you believe experiencing the extremes is a must for an all-around experience of the country, then below is the list of the 5 hottest places in India for you. The temperatures at these places reach record highs during the scorching summer season of this tropical country. Book your flight tickets with Indian Eagle for good savings and discover these hot places (not necessarily on a hot day though). Read on!

Churu, Rajasthan:

Located in the desert region of Rajasthan 20 km north of Jaipur, Churu is one of the hottest places in India. The city often records high temperatures very close to (or equal to) half the boiling point of water. Churu is considered the gateway to the Thar Desert and is known for the beautiful architecture and grand palaces, ancient forts, etc.

Highest recorded temperature: 50.8 °C

Top tourist attractions in Churu: Surana Haveli, Churu Fort, Sethani Ka Jalora, Nath Ji ki Chhatri, Ram Mandir, Tal Chappar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Palodhi, Rajasthan:

Palodhi, a small town lying in the buffer zone of the Thar Desert in Jodhpur district, deserves a special mention when it is about the hottest places in India. You ask us why. It’s because this is where India has recorded its highest temperature (51 °C) to date. Palodhi boasts several ancient temples, stunning historical monuments built in traditional Rajput architecture, and beautiful bangles, jewelry, footwear, and handicrafts. The nearby Khichan village is quite popular among birdwatchers.

Highest recorded temperature: 51°C

Top tourist attractions in Palodhi: Lal Niwas, Ramdevra Temple, Sachiya Mata Temple, Mahavira Temple, Jain Glass Temple, Khichan Bird Sanctuary.

Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh:

The reputation of Jhansi is very much associated with the brave and courageous queen Laxmibai, to whom this city is a proud home. The geographical location of this historic city, i.e., its proximity to the Tropic of Cancer, is the main reason for its unbearable summers. It also happens that the small tributaries of rivers crisscrossing Jhansi dry up during extreme summer months.

Highest recorded temperature: 48°C

Top tourist attractions in Jhansi: Jhansi Fort, Rani Mahal, Jhansi Museum, Cenotaph of Raja Gangadhar Rao, St. Jude’s Shrine, Barua Sagar.


Delhi, the nation’s capital city, is one of the hottest places in India. With summer temperatures soaring up to 46-48°C, Delhi experiences the scorching heat of the sun. Most tourists avoid traveling to Delhi between March and June in view of the suffocating heat waves and its subtropical humid climate as it is not conducive to sightseeing. But a tour of Delhi is highly recommended during winter for the best experience of this spectacular city. Indian Eagle is where you get year-round deals on flights to Delhi!        

Highest recorded temperature: 48°C

Top tourist attractions in Delhi: India Gate, Red Fort, Lotus Temple, Qutub Minar, Akshardham Temple, Jama Masjid, Humayun's Tomb, Raj Ghat, Lodhi Gardens, Rashtrapati Bhavan. 

Rentachintala, Andhra Pradesh: 

Another of the hottest places in India, Rentachintala is a small village lying in the Krishna River plains in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. It is known for excruciatingly hot summers when mercury levels exceed 45 degrees almost every day. Mercury hits the 50-degree mark or rises even higher at the peak of the summer season, making it hard for people to step out of their homes. However, winters are refreshingly pleasant here with occasional showers.

Highest recorded temperature: 50°C

 Some of the other hottest places in India (where the temperature usually ranges between 40-49°C during extreme summers) include Nagpur in Maharashtra, Agra in Uttar Pradesh, Vijaywada in Andhra Pradesh, Ramagundam in Telangana, Banda in Uttar Pradesh, Titilagarh in Odisha, and Wardha in Maharashtra. 

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