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How to Apply Hair Gel on Your Hair

There are few things more relaxing than getting ready for a big event like a wedding or a ball. One of the first steps in putting your best look together is learning how to apply hair gel so your hair looks as smooth and shiny as possible. Many women have a habit of pulling their hair and using the wrong techniques when it comes to styling their hair, and it can make their locks look dull and even damaged. But by using the right products and the right ways, you can style your hair just the way you want.

Things You Should Keep in Your Mind

When you're looking at ways to apply hair gel to your hair, there are a few things you should remember before you get started. First of all, you should never use the gel if you have open cuts or split ends. It is also not a good idea to use the product on coloured hair, since it may unnaturally colour your natural hair. If you're going to be colouring your hair anyway, you can skip the gel altogether.

The best way to apply Eco Style Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Styling Gel on your hair is to first of all wash it out. When you wash your hair, always rinse it with the water running hot. If you were to cool the water on the verge of becoming cold, the gel might be ruined. Dry your hair naturally and then blow dry it. After that, simply apply some gel on the damp strands by brushing them through your hair until the product has been completely absorbed. Once you have applied the product, gently brush your hair until the product has been absorbed.

To learn how to apply hair gel to your hair, another important step to take is to condition your hair properly. Conditioning your hair keeps it from drying out and keeps it looking healthy and shiny. You simply need to apply a leave-in conditioner (you can find these at almost any beauty supply store) after washing and conditioning your hair. Once you have conditioned your hair, you are ready to begin learning how to apply hair gel to your hair.

How to Apply the Gel Without Damaging Your Hair

One of the first things you must do when learning how to apply hair gel on your hair is to wet your hair in the morning, then towel dries it and air dry it. This is a crucial step for the gel to properly absorb into your hair shafts. After you have thoroughly tested your hair, you will then want to form a patting motion on your hair, which is similar to how you would style your hair if you were applying hairspray. Start at the bottom of your head and work your way up. By forming patterns in this manner, you will ensure that the gel will be applied evenly throughout your hair.

Once you have completely wasted your hair, you will then want to grab some cotton balls and rub the gel gently into your hair, starting from the bottom of your head. Be gentle with your hair and do not go too fast with the rubbing action; this may cause your hair to become hot and the gel to not work as well as it should. Do not use a large amount of hair gel; around one or two ounces is good enough to cover your entire head.

Once you have completed your hair gel treatment, you will then want to rinse your hair thoroughly and give it a good brushing to remove any tangles. If you apply any products to your hair before you shampoo it, you will want to wait 30 minutes before washing it again. If you are using any type of shampoo, you will want to ensure that you rinse it out well to avoid drying out your scalp.


Your hair may take a bit of time to recover from your treatment, but once you wash it and let it air dry you will be left with hair that is looking and feeling soft and smooth. If you are planning on how to apply hair gel to your hair, you will want to keep in mind that this treatment will last for around six weeks depending on how often you apply it and the amount of gel you use. You must wash your hair every day to remove the gel and make it manageable; it is not advisable to wash your hair every single day. By taking care of your hair, you will find that it is more manageable.

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