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How To Earn Money Online In India

In today’s competitive world, getting a decent-paying job has become a very big deal. The count of skilled and educated people in India that are looking for a job is higher than the actual count of available jobs right now.

And even if you get the job, you might not be satisfied with the payout. According to the resources, the average income of a Person in India is pretty low, that is why in today’s world of high expenses we have to look out for extra income sources to survive. And in this digital era, there is no better path to building a platform online to generate extra income or to earn money online.

Best ways to make money online In India as a learner –

Although there are many ways of how to earn money online in India, all of them may not be effective and not suited to the people in India. Many online generation platforms do not approve applications of Indians and some other Asian countries because of some reason.

So here is the list of many methods to start a business online with very less or no investment that worked for many people, I hope it will work for you too.

Top E-wallet Apps in UAE -

Blogging –

Blogging is the easiest method to start a business online in India today. A blog is a website/platform but with dynamic content. You just have to add fresh content regularly. There are many ways to earn money from blogging which can be Affiliate marketing and through advertisements. Once you have created a good blogging site, you can earn money while you are asleep.

Vlogging –

Vlogging stands for video blogging or content that is all in video format. You can start your own channel on Youtube, pick up a category like traveling and start uploading videos and engaging your audiences on a regular basis will also result in earning online in India. It can take time but when a video gets a hit, then there is no turning back.

Online Writing Jobs –

If you are love writing and have great writing skills then you can make money online in India without any Investment. Online writing can be a good source of Income. People are willing to pay 40$-50$ per article if you have great content writing skills. The amount you will get for writing varies according to the platforms. Some might pay you higher, and on an hourly basis, and some on the total word count.

Freelancing –

Freelancing can be great earning source if you have the required skill.  You can also become a freelancer and provide services in different categories. You can become a graphic designer, web designer, email marketing expert, copywriting expert, etc. If you want to be a freelancer, Fiverr and Upwork can be a great platform for you.

Dropshipping –

Dropshipping is becoming a famous method nowadays. Many people are earning in five digits in India with this method. Dropshipping is an online business method, where you can take a customer’s order along with the payment and shipment details and give the detail to the manufacturer or whole seller, who will then deliver the order directly to the customer. In this method, you just have to make a margin in the price; you are taking from the customer and what is paying to the whole seller or manufacturer. Meesho is a great example in India, for this business module.


These are some of the best and effective ways of earning money online in India.  These methods will prove helpful in not investing anything and can become an earning source for your lifetime.

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