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Top E-wallet Apps in UAE

No one has ever wondered that there will be a time when you will be able to purchase a series of items without carrying any cash in your pocket. Technology has made it possible for us today where we can enjoy the benefits of using some best e-wallet apps for making digital payments. Payment app development is at its peak to offer more secured options for people to make online payments. Moreover, the central Bank of UAE also encourages people to make contactless payments in this pandemic situation. Using e-wallet apps is a convenient, swift and secure way of making payments and transferring cash to another’s account and for all kinds of bill payments. 

You just need to register your mobile number and account number with the app and it opens a wide range of facilities that you can avail for making payments and transferring funds. There are lots of other benefits that you get while using these secure e-wallet apps. In this segment, we have discussed some best and secure e-wallet apps that you can use in the UAE for a better and enhanced experience in making monetary transactions. 

Google Pay

This is an exceptional mobile wallet platform from Google that offers immense interesting features to make digital payments. Any App Development company in UAE would consider this app as an ideal to develop a wallet app for users. Google Pay works for both Android and iOS users where they can easily monitor and manage their entire digital payment records. 

Till now some major banks in UAE like Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic and Mashreq, and Standard Chartered are connected to this e-wallet platform and soon some other banks will also be included in its list. Google is known for its security features and functionalities so you need not worry about your card information security. All the transactions are in encrypted form and there is no threat of cyber crime when your e-wallet is run and owned by the most secured and advanced tech giant; Google. 

Emirates Digital Wallet 

This is another e-wallet app for people living in the UAE that is implemented under the UBF (UAE Bank federation). This app has already pushed UAE towards cashless transactions with much secured performance. Klip is the e-wallet app that is owned and operated by Emirates Digital Wallet LLC and is easily accessible through Emirates Digital Wallet or an app available from the stakeholder. 

You just need to link your Klip account to your bank account and make or receive payments for goods and services all across the UAE. Any UAE resident who has an active SIM card can use this app, in fact, residents who do not qualify for a bank account in UAE can also use this app. A mobile app development company must keep all these features in mind before developing a robust wallet app. The app enables biometric banking and voice-activated payments which empower users to have complete control over their financial transactions. 

Samsung Pay 

This is another trusted e-wallet app that is used worldwide for making digital payments using your mobile device. The app can be accessed simply with easy navigation and straightforward features and works for any retailer for making virtual payments. 

The only thing to be noted here is that this app is available for only Samsung users who have Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7, Galaxy A5 (2016/2017), Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy A3 (2017), Galaxy A7 (2016/2017), Galaxy S8+, Samsung Gear S3. The app is not restricted to NFC contactless terminals and is accepted on all swipe and tap terminals throughout UAE. 

The app is perfectly designed to make it user-friendly for all types of users and is also protected by a five-layer security to give you a protected platform for making digital payments. There are several other exciting features which will enhance your experience with this amazing app in earning exciting reward points, inviting your friends to use the app, and some deals and offers on certain stores. 

Beam Wallet 

This e-wallet app is based on the NFC system where a wallet user can add a card or pre-load credits to the wallet. You can easily make all kinds of bill payments and cash transfers using this efficient and effective wallet app. Moreover, it also lets you earn some exciting cashbacks and offers on some registered stores.  In fact, in 2016, F95 zone Beam Wallet was the first wallet app in the UAE that allowed cashless transactions for fueling your vehicle in the entire UAE. The app was also ranked at 5th position in the Financial IT Pathfinder ranking in 2016. 

The app is good-to-go in many terms as it offers various interesting features and functionalities to keep you away from hassles of keeping large amounts of cash every time you go to buy something. 

Etisalat Wallet  

This is another one of the most preferred wallet apps that has gained huge attention in the entire UAE. It’s a highly secure and convenient wallet app for people living in the UAE where they can easily transfer funds, accept payments and can make different payments with just a few taps on their device. It is available on both Android and iOS app stores and you can download the app for free. You need to have an Etisalat mobile account either postpaid or prepaid to make use of this wonderful wallet app i.e a valid credit or debit card from Visa or Mastercard. 

Apart from other general benefits that e-wallet apps offer, using Etisalat wallet app, you can easily purchase parking tickets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, pay all your bills, and top-up Etisalat credit including your family members. The high-level end-to-end security offered through this amazing wallet app will keep you absolutely relaxed. Hire mobile app developer that can promise such robust features in a wallet app. There is also a responsive customer support team that is always willing to help you out if you face any issues while using the app. 

Apple Pay

This is a specialized wallet app service offered by Apple Inc. and is available for Apple users only. However, Apple’s wallet services are not much used in UAE yet but if you are using an Apple’s device, this app will surely prove to be both effective and efficient in making digital payments. 

Its touch ID is the key feature that allows you to make payments with a contactless reader after holding your phone device next to the terminal. You just need to add your card details with the app and Apple keeps it confidential while shopping through any store in the entire UAE. 

In case your device is lost, you can promptly order deactivation of your card services using your iCloud account or with a loss mode feature available on any other Apple’s device. An iOS App Development Company must look into all the features offered by this wallet app. It’s a low-risk, secure, and convenient wallet app to be used even without an active internet connection. 


If you are talking about technology and apps, China always plays a crucial role in offering some of the best apps that people have cherished. WePay is one among them. The app started with its services in Dubai and most of its features are not accessible to users in UAE as the app links your device with the bank account that must be in China only. 

However, it is reported that the company may soon launch its entire set of exceptional features for all the residents of UAE in the coming time. WePay also uses some similar security features like other e-wallet apps and you can completely trust this app when making any digital payment from your device. 


This is another wallet service that is offered by a renowned app development company of China and was established in 1994 with more than 70000 merchants and 200 financial institutions across 55 countries. Abu Dhabi bank was the first bank in UAE that tied up with AliPay to offer better connectivity to the merchants of UAE. If we talk about its features, most of them are commonly found in every renowned wallet app whether in terms of making secured payments or in getting exciting discounts and latest deals on some stores. Experience fast, easy, and safe online payments with a wallet app that has almost 1 billion users across the world and is known for its robustly secured features in making online payments. 

These apps are heavily loaded with all secured features and high-class performance that will make it smoother for you to transfer funds online or to make any payment. We would request you to visit official websites of these wallet apps to get deeper insights into these. 

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