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Hidden spy Call Recorder For Android: Stop Illegal Data Sharing

So there was much uproar in my school regarding a young teacher. For the record and to avoid any confusion I am a teacher in a private school. Well since I have joined, there has not been any scandal but recently a big incident shook the whole school. We all know teenagers are daring and want to challenge everything, even if it's their parents, teachers, career choices, emotions, and everything. But we found out that they have learned this new skill of blackmailing as well. Turned out a group of teenagers blackmailed one of the new teachers that they will post something embarrassing of her on the school portal. In order to avoid the situation, she offered that she will share important exam paper questions with them. 

Well, she got them on call and avoid the situation that leave proof but little did she knew that the school was using a hidden spy call recorder for android for employee monitoring. She took the easy way out and told them the question on phone to avoid any possible proof but the whole call was recorded and it was a mess. 

She got suspended the boys will go through a long process of self-reflection and parent-teacher meetings. It was a bad blow on the school's reputation and name but fortunately, the point that the whole incident was caught red-handed and the boys did not get what they want was a little good news. 

We the employees got to know that the higher authorities are monitoring our every move. I mean there were rumors that employee monitoring apps are being used to keep a thorough check on the staff activities but that onside conformed to it. As a teacher, I am embarrassed about the fact that the students were daring enough to reach this point and the teacher really should be in control of the situation but the thing is some time technology wins and that is what happened here. 

I did a little research on employee monitoring apps and found some really interesting things. I am here to share it with you all. Don’t mind my teaching instincts but it was inevitable. I have to check the detail and know about this hidden spy call recorder for android technology.

Employee Monitoring Is Legal?

I know just like many of my colleagues some of you have a question in mind that is it legal to spy on the employee's gadgets. or know about their calls or text messages. Well, the answer is yes.

  • 80% of organizations monitor their employee's phones, calls, and emails under employee monitoring. Some of the companies let the employees know officially others consider it as obvious to expect to monitor smart gadgets. 

The point is if you are using company-provided equipment(smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop)then you should expect monitoring through spy apps. As you agree to the basic terms that the provided devices will be used for work only. Thus the employer or the respective organizations has every right to make sure the given resources are rightly used for business/work purpose only.

Hidden spy Call Recorder For Android:

The next thing that comes to mind is how these so-called hidden spy call recorders for android works. An app called OgyMogy is famous for employee monitoring and offers hidden call recording services as well. Now there is no big science behind it. Everything is simple and anyone can use the app. All you need to do is select the bundle that offers call recording services. You must install the app when you have physical access to the gadget as installation cant be done remotely. 

  • Being a cloud-based app the OgyMogy keeps the record of all the call conversations on the web portal. Only users of the spy app can access the portal and can check the monitoring. 

  • Any illegal data sharing or spying activity from the employee can be traced by the employer.

  • The best part about the hidden spy call recorder for android services is that all the information is saved with date and time. Thus it was easy to take action right away before the teenagers spread the exam questions. 

I am going to use the parental control app features offered by the OgyMogy app, For more visit OgyMogy.com

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