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How to transform your business into a brand?

Individuals around the world transform their passion or hobby for a certain thing into a business venture. Although the initial days are challenging, these professionals eventually earn a decent living and get fame and recognition. But have you ever thought about how they move up the ladder of success despite starting from scratch? The answer is branding! It is not enough to merely attend networking events or engage with professionals online for business development. You also need to provide them the proper value that comes through branding, otherwise, how will people differentiate your products/service from others? Branding principles have existed for decades. Yet to turn your business into a brand, it takes years of effort, effective teams, fresh ideas, and excellent research and planning skills.

Why should you build a brand?

A brand is a trust instilled in the minds of customers by a company. People trust branded products/services because of their assured excellent quality and premium price. If your products/services are unbranded, your target audience will not be choosing you over the competitor's products/services. Branding adds value to your customers’ lives. People notice your company, recognize your marketing efforts and gain familiarity with your products/services. They are also most likely to recommend your products to their friends and family members. Hence, you can earn more customers through word-of-mouth publicity. 

Now that you know why you need a brand, find out ways to transform your business into a brand from the below-listed guide-:

  • Consider your brand a human being

The first step towards building a strong brand personality is to think of the brand as a person. Humanize your brand and think of it as your best friend. What are the attributes of an ideal friend? Trustworthy, reliable, and helpful. Now, put those attributes into your brand. If you observe the top brands today, you will understand the real meaning of humanizing your brand. These brands act as a friend and provide exemplary customer service. You should promptly answer customer queries and get feedback from them. Help people relate to your brand as if it was a human being.

  • Create an experience with the latest productivity tools

How you make your customers and clients feel is forever etched into people's memories. Hence, you have to go beyond selling and sending mere functional messages. You need to create a valuable experience for your customers and clients and offer them the flexibility and ease of receiving services. Use cutting-edge technology to provide additional benefits to them. Since businesses are dependent on daily appointments, you should access a free online appointment scheduler like Picktime. You can empower your customers/clients to self-schedule appointments through a customized online booking page through this online scheduling software. You can create this online booking page with a personalized booking button and link it to your website and social media profiles to drive traffic for direct booking. You can also design and customize an online booking form for customers/clients to enlist their queries and needs. 

Send regular automated SMS and email reminders to your customers/clients to reduce no-shows. If you have remote clients/customers, you can use the Zoom/Google Meet integration to conduct virtual meetings. You can use Picktime's free online calendar service to monitor staff schedules and appointments round-the-clock at all your office locations. Also, accept advance online payments via credit cards, PayPal, Stripe to eliminate hassles of long billing queues. Right after you receive the payment, a digital invoice will be generated automatically for your customers. You can also email feedback forms to your customers/clients and highlight those reviews on your website. Also, access downloadable auto-generated business reports from your Picktime dashboard to measure performance and efficiency!

  • Carve out a unique brand identity

Branding is not restricted to creating a logo. But, it also involves the basic elements like naming your product/service that helps you create a unique brand identity. All brand elements like logo, name, images, color, tagline, slogans, and music are equally important and must be memorable, short, and attractive. Put all these brand elements in your website, business cards, commercials, products, packaging, leaflets, hoardings, and other marketing efforts. Keep in mind that your brand identity should be related to your brand personality. As an example, if your brand personifies regality, use colors like purple and golden for logo and packaging. The brand elements should reflect the core characteristics of your brand.  Convey your business values, vision, and mission through your brand elements. Make sure your potential customers connect your brand identity with your brand personality while receiving marketing communications from your side.

  • Conduct market and competitor research to define your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Whatever business you might be launching, you will face old and new competitors every day. But, the key to standing out from the crowd is competitor research. Know what your competitors are doing. Find out their strengths and weaknesses. Find the gap in their marketing efforts and include the missing pieces in your marketing communications. Also, study the market to comprehend your audience's wants, needs, and desires. See what extra they are seeking and how you can give them those. It will be challenging but essential for defining your USP.

  • Create and narrate your business story

One of the essential elements of your brand personality is to create and tell your business story to the world. Narrate the story of how you conceived your business idea, the obstacles you faced, all your high points and low points, and why your products/services are relevant and trustworthy. Engage people with commercials, audiobooks, videos, and podcasts. Write books or blogs on management and productivity. Share real experiences to connect better with your audience.

  • Be consistent while communicating with audiences

If you have multiple products to offer under different sub-brand, ensure that you are consistent in your marketing communications. Even if the product differs in names, colors, and benefits, all your products should speak of being reliable and relevant. Give an innovative and edgy appeal to your products. Make upgrades and transformations according to important market trends and customer needs. However, plan your marketing campaigns strategically to ensure proper usage of resources.

  • Involve your marketing team

Branding your products/services without the assistance of your marketing team and brand management team is impossible. They are the ones equipped with skills such as research, planning, designing, and copywriting. Hence, you need to organize meetings and brainstorming sessions to discuss and choose brand elements and the marketing tools you should be using to derive maximum effectiveness. 

  • Get inspired from your surroundings

Get rid of rigid branding concepts and traditional theories of branding. While creating your brand personality and deciding your brand elements that suit its personality, look around to get a source of inspiration. This inspiration can be anyone- from a staff to a family member. It can also reflect your values, vision, and lifestyle.

Brand-building is a gradual process that improves as you learn from your mistakes and make corrections. It does not happen overnight. Follow these tips to turn your business into a brand successfully. Let your customers connect emotionally with your brand. Provide them with a larger-than-life experience that lasts longer. As the business owner, you become the face of your brand. So, work proactively and try to strengthen bonds with your team, understand their skills, and delegate tasks accordingly. Most importantly, never forget to take suggestions from your co-workers. Branding is. After all, a team effort!

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