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9 Stunning Flowering Plants That Bloom All Year Round

Gardening is enjoyable. It's quiet and peaceful, and it's a fun activity to do. It may, however, be a lot of hard labour at times. Let's be honest. No one has the time or patience to sit down and pull out the dried plants, sow fresh seeds, and painstakingly care for them, only to repeat the process every four months unless they are a gardener by passion or career. What if we could make gardening a lot more enjoyable while maintaining the quality of the garden and avoiding the hassle of having to sow seeds all over again? Here's a list of plants that remain green all year round and bear flowers. Let’s find them now! 


You don't need to be a gardening enthusiast to recognise Rose. There are about 300 species of this plant, which may be grouped together to create shrubs. The rose, which is most recognised for its red hue, is a popular choice among many couples. Roses may bloom at any time of year. Rose is used to relieving skin irritation and minimise skin redness. It's also high in antioxidants, which help repair wounds, wounds, and burns. You can also buy flowers online in Chandigarh for a dear one and share love and happiness.


Bougainvillaea is an evergreen climber that may be seen in many gardens as a decorative. Its vibrant hues can brighten up even the most dreary of gardens. The plant thrives in an open-air, hot, dry environment. Due to its strong penetrating thorns, it is also resistant to assaults by animals and birds.


The hibiscus is a brilliantly coloured flower with brilliantly coloured petals that is often referred to as a shoe flower by many schoolchildren. It has therapeutic properties, however, it is most widely employed in classrooms as a dissecting flower for educational reasons. Hibiscus is a plant with many different varieties, each with brightly coloured petals and a variety of applications.


Ixora is a popular summer plant that may be found in almost every garden. Ixora, which has approximately 500 species, blooms profusely in the summer and sometimes in the winter. Throughout fact, the Ixora Coccinea variety blooms in the winter. The plants are typically red, yellow, and brilliant orange in hue. They are extremely easy to cultivate and maintain, making them a favourite among many gardeners.


Lantana is a colourful, broad-leaved flower that, despite its appearance, is classified as a shrub rather than a vine. They appear in a range of hues — including yellow, orange, white, red, and purple, among others. These hues may be blended to produce a bi-coloured look that will only add to the overall beauty of the landscape. A word of caution - these plants may not smell as delicious as they seem, but they do produce beautiful leaves. Warm weather, well-drained soils, and less fertiliser are even preferred.


Adenium is also called the desert rose by local botanists and gardeners. These plants, which are often used as Bonsai plants, feature vibrant and eye-catching hues and tones of red that few flowers can match. One aspect that has to be kept in mind about these plants is that they are prone to worm infestations, so applying a fungicide to the plants after cutting the stems is a good idea.


Milii - known as the Christ plant or Christ thorn in other parts of the world. Although it is endemic to Madagascar, several botanists have discovered that India is also a good environment for this plant. As a consequence, milii may be cultivated in various parts of the nation where the temperature is warm and the soil is well-moisturized. The blossoms of this plant are petite by nature and provide the gardener with a one-of-a-kind experience. Taking care of milii plants is typically not difficult since they need very little upkeep. So what are you thinking, send flowers online and surprise your near and dear ones.


Kalanchoe comes in a variety of brilliant, crisp hues such as yellow, red, pink, orange, and white, and it always blooms in a bunch, providing the garden with several little bouquets of vibrantly coloured plants. The plant may reach a height of 12 inches and needs very little care. All you need to do now is supply the plant with a well-drained potting mix and plenty of light.


There are several orchid types that bloom all year. For most of the year, some types will preserve a single bloom. Phalaenopsis orchids are a relatively simple orchid genus to grow. Phalaenopsis equestris, for example, blooms for months at a time, multiple times a year. The Phalaenopsis stuartiana is also known for its long-lasting individual blooms.

So bring these flowering plants and have an ever-blooming garden!

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