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Real estate website design Canada

What Makes a Good Real Estate Website Design? Some companies may limit the description and contact information of the services they offer to index the information and show it to potential customers. But among the many agents and brokers, you will never stand out without a beautifully designed and user-friendly website. After analyzing best practices, we have presented ideas and practices that we adopt for real estate website design in Canada that help prospects and existing customers discover homes and related data, increase their credibility and increase their income.

Key elements of our real estate website design Canada

When you think about real estate website design Canada and layout, focus on the user experience. Don't overwhelm the page with words and pictures. Sometimes whitespace is better than whitespace content, and it automatically plays a video on each page, which can cause visitors to leave your site. So, what features should your website have? Let's take a look.


One of the first things that come to mind when it comes to real estate website design is listings. They improve readability and organize your products in a tile-based way with brief descriptions, photos, ratings, and prices. That's the reason we create listings on your website in a separate manner. 

User-friendly search

While designing a real estate website, we emphasize that the search form is where the user journey begins when they visit your website. Making this trip easy and intuitive, we add filters by location, date, price, number of beds and tubs with the IDX search bar and advanced "lifestyle" searches by neighborhood information, school and restaurant ratings, crime rate, and cost. can. Living information, traffic information, etc.


Photos, plans and diagrams are the main eye plugs for your website visitors. A large banner with a property image on your home page increases the likelihood that your audience will stay longer. A slideshow of 5-10 images provides a comprehensive view of the list. The photo must be of high resolution and show the actual condition.


A custom real estate website design in Canada requires sophisticated elements, such as a welcome video or 3D tour between the property or adjacent neighbourhoods and local amenities that can display website visitors without leaving the website.

Maps and navigation

We organize your listings through maps and allow users to search in the area they want. A big bonus is information about your infrastructure and surroundings or a heat map for the cost of living or crime rates.

Responsive design

The importance of multi-browser and cross-platform compatibility cannot be overemphasized today, but we want to remind you that it's time to double-check that your website runs smoothly on all popular platforms and on all popular browsers.

Lead Capture Tool

The main purpose of the website is to attract new customers. We enhance your homepage with features that help capture leads, such as newsletter sign-up forms or advertising area guidance, chat features with registration forms, visit booking forms, or other resources. It can be useful for potential customers. This will add more value to the value of your leads and will help you build your prospect list.

Custom function

Because we want you to stand out from the crowd? So we follow the trend and surprise your visitors with a VR tour or live stream published on your website. The calculator function will increase your credibility and attract people who don't want to waste time waiting for a quote.

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